Adult Pilot

Clementine (19) has just broken up with her, sort of, boyfriend, Liam, a sad sack artist who only cares about himself. Her friend, Allison (29), has, yet again, just experienced classic office sexism. They meet in a cafe and recount their experiences in horrific detail.


Adult Episode 2

Clementine exercises her new freedoms, but at what cost? Allison attends her college friend's bridal shower only to be humiliated.


Adult Episode 3

Clementine attends a party at which Liam is a guest and spends the whole night avoiding him. Allison goes on a date with initially sexist Peter, and things go better then expected.


Adult Episode 4

A confrontation with Liam leads Clementine to make a poor decision. Things heat up in Allison's love life, but maybe first impressions should be heeded.


Adult Trailer

The Trailer to Adult season 1.